New Game & Controller!

John here, from the PC side of gaming. I’m very excited to announce that I now have the original Half Life game:

As well as a USB dual shock PC controller, which will make co-op gaming a lot easier:


Heads up

Hello everyone! I will hopefully have another C.O.D: Modern Warfare 3 Mission walkthrough video up sometime this week.. maybe Thursday if I don’t have a varsity basketball game that I have to go play at. It will be the fifth mission in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 mission walkthroughs. Keeping checking out my YouTube channel for the videos! SEE YA!

Modern Warfare 3 Walkthroughs

Hello everyone! I have recorded and did commentary of a couple of the missions on the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. C.O.D:MW3 is the first video game that I decided to do a full game walkthrough of. I currently have the first three missions uploaded on YouTube. Within these missions I show you what shortcuts to take to avoid getting demolished by enemy fire and to beat the game faster, I also show you all the intel in the missions. I also show you the in-game achievements that you get in each mission. For example, in the mission “Black Tuesday,” there is an achievement named This Is My Boomstick. In order to get this achievement you have to kill 30 enemies with the XM25, which is your secondary gun you start off the mission with.

The videos I made are perfect for players who just want to beat Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 quickly getting all the achievements so the player can then start to play the online  mode. So please select one of the video links below to be taken to the mission walkthroughs. Please rate the videos and like or dislike and subscribe. Thanks and I will post more videos as soon as I can get them done.

Black Tuesday Mission

Hunter Killer Mission

Persona Non Grata Mission


Great Podcast

This is a podcast from my idols at Roosterteeth. In the podcast Geoff and Burnie get into an argument about if Geoff can get 10,000 Gamerscore points in a week. Geoff and Burnie are both in the amazingly funny, and awesome, show called Red vs. Blue. This show won the award for being the most watched internet show for males from the ages of 14-21. I fall into this category of ages. Also, for those of you who don’t know, Gamerscore is a point tracker that comes along with creating an X-box 360 Profile. In every game a player can get achievements and these achievements give you points. These points is your Gamerscore. My gamer score is only about 13,000 and I have had it for about 3 years. So for Geoff to get 10,000 Gamerscore in a week is unbelievable! If you have nothing else better to do and you have a phone with internet capability then I suggest you go to the link below and listen. You can download it as a mp3 so you can listen to it whenever. The length of the podcast is about 43 minutes but trust me, it goes by quickly! I listen to these while I’m in the car for long periods of time! I hope you enjoy, comment if you want us to post more!

Roosterteeth Podcast #1

All copyrights of this podcast go to Roosterteeth and whoever they want to have the copyrights. I am, sadly, not one of them.

First Post Ever!

Dear people who are viewing this blog,

My name is Blake Baker; my friend, John Stanish (johnfilmsia) and I decided to make a blog. On this blog we will do a lot of video game walk-throughs and a few vlogs about what we are thinking about doing next (such as movie reviews and good songs that we like). I bought a Blitzbox B1 capture card a few days ago, so John and I are waiting for the device to come in the mail- then I will upload my first ever video walk-through. It will most likely be a walk-through of a mission in the game Assassins Creed: Revelation, because that is the game that I have spent the most time playing recently.

So please come back in a week or so and watch our videos! We also have a YouTube account called Master Baker Gaming, so please visit our channel and subscribe if you like our stuff. Feel free to comment and tell us what type of video walk-throughs you want, what we are doing right, what we are doing wrong, or whatever else comes to your mind.

From the guys behind Master Baker Gaming,

Blake Baker and John Stanish.